8/12/22 – Following the 8/9 Primary, the races are now set. The Senate and Governor’s races are the ones to watch, and both are currently rated toss-ups. For Senate, incumbent Republican Senator, MAGA-man Ron Johnson, is forcefully challenged by Democrat Mandela Barnes, the current Lt. Gov. of Wisconsin. If Barnes wins, he will flip this Wisconsin Senate seat and become the first Black Senator from the state. For governor, Democratic incumbent Tony Evers is running against Republican Trump-endorsed millionnaire Tim Michels. The Democrats are offering two political stars, both champions of reproductive choice, free and fair elections, and gun safety. The Republican choices promise abortion bans, takeover of federal elections in Wisconsin, and other repressive extremist policies.

3/22/22 – Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) is running! Democrats enthusiastic, Republicans worried, about Johnson’s decision to run for re-election. Johnson has been an often unpopular, polarizing figure known for his Covid disinformation (mouthwash kills the virus), conspiracy theories, promoting the audit of the 2020 election, and support of the Jan 6 insurrection. He also has pushed the Republican legislature to take over the state’s election process. Democrats plan to spend huge amounts of ad money to attack Johnson, prompting Republicans’ concern about defending him. Both parties are in agreement that Johnson’s Senate seat may be the toughest for his party to defend, even compared to the open seats in PA and NC. Let’s take that seat from Johnson and bring back some sanity to WI!

10/19/21 – WI went for Biden by 0.6% and therefore is in the GOP crosshairs. The state legislature is heavily Republican gerrymandered and it will be hard to prevent voter suppression and election overturning laws, similar to the ones passed in Georgia. The Governor’s race there is critical. Wisconsin’s polarizing Senator Ron Johnson has hinted at retirement…  Watch this space! Democrats currently have 3 out of 8 House seats. The Republican state legislature is currently trying to flip one of those seats through gerrymandering.  Democratic Governor Tony Evers is running for reelection, and we must protect this firewall against radical Trumpism.