3/22/22 UPDATE – GOOD NEWS!!  New Hampshire’s Republican governor Chris Sununu unexpectedly promised to veto the Republican legislature’s redrawn congressional map: “It doesn’t really pass the smell test,” he said.  The Republicans had redrawn maps to advantage their party so that one of the two NH districts could not fail to go Republican. This plan put Sen. Chris Pappas (D-NH) at risk of losing his district. With Sununu’s veto, the districts will probably remain unchanged. Sununu explained his position: I want something that more matches the character of the state. We’re a purple state.” 

New Hampshire has a vulnerable Senate Seat. Good news! Gov. Sununu has announced that he will not run against Democrat Maggie Hassan. Trump is very annoyed, and we don’t know who he will champion for Senate yet. We know that the Republican Governor and state legislature will be aggressively trying to redistrict Democrat Greg Pappas out of the house. Republican Governor Sununu is also up for reelection; in NH the governor must run every two years, but there is no term limit.