7/13/22 UPDATE: The latest information on these important races is in our article PA Danger and Opportunity!

5/23/22 UPDATE: Primary Winners are Josh Shapiro for Governor and John Fetterman for Senate. The Governor’s race is crucial to keep radical Republicans from overturning election results in this important swing state. The Republican nominee has pledged to overturn the election if needed, to get Republicans back in power. (See Washington Post, After the Pennsylvania primary, the threat to U.S. democracy rises).

John Fetterman handily beat conservative Democrat Connor Lamb. He is a charismatic progressive candidate who appeals to white working class voters. We are ready to flip this senate seat (incumbent Republican is retiring) with this antidote to depressed Democratic turnout! It helps that the Republican primary is headed to a recount between two “interesting” candidates– a Muslim Turkish dual citizen who does not live in PA and and a Wallstreet executive who has been attacked by Trump for being an elite globalist. Will either of these candidates appeal to the Republican base?

3/12/22 Update: PA’S new maps are under litigation after democratic Gov. Wolf vetoed the Republican drawn maps and the democratic majority State Supreme court stepped in to approve fair maps. See the map here. The approved map perserves the status quo, even while PA loses a House seat. Primary is MAY 17th.

10/19/21 Pennsylvania’s Senator, Incumbent Republican Pat Toomey is retiring. Already Republicans and Democrats are lining up for the primary. The Republican field is competing to see who is the Trumpiest.   Democrats have Rep. Connor Lamb, currently a moderate Representative in the House, and Lt. Governor John Fetterman vying for the seat.  Malcolm Kenyatta and Val Arkoosh are two other strong Democratic candidates. As for the House, PA will actually lose a representative.  With Connor Lamb leaving, the state legislature could easily apportion his district. Redistricting discussions are ongoing.  The PA Governor’s race will be extremely important.  Democratic Governor Tom Wolf is term-limited and cannot run again.