Phone AZ or NV

Updated 7/18/22 Wednesdays and Sundays: We need your help talking to voters about Democrats up and down the ticket. A Zoom phone bank is a great way to reach voters and talk about issues we all care about from the comfort of your home.

Swing Left San Francisco is making calls with the Bay Area Coalition, a coalition of Swing Left groups, local Democratic Parties, and other grassroots groups. We have prioritized Arizona, Nevada and California’s Central Valley.

We make calls to:

  • Maintain control of the House by holding and flipping congressional seats in the Central Valley.
  • Keep control of the Senate by re-electing Senator Mark Kelly in Arizona and Senator Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada.
  • Flip the Arizona state legislature, in which Republicans have the majority by only one seat.

We may add additional candidates as we get closer to November.

Reproductive rights, voting rights, and environmental protections are just a few of the issues that are on the line if these key swing districts and states go red in the November.

Each week, we offer several options to call for different candidates or states at each of the Wednesday and Saturday phone banks. You’ll have a chance to hear more and select who you’d like to call for when you arrive at the Zoom phone bank.

Make sure you have your laptop or tablet and phone when you join the Zoom. If you have never phonebanked before, we will train you.

RSVP now and we’ll send you the Zoom link. See you soon!