AZ Voters on Tribal Lands

Addresses are available on Fridays.

In 2022, the Northeast Arizona Native Organizing Campaign must reach every Native Democratic voter on Navajo, Hopi, and White Mountain Apache lands in Northeast Arizona. With your help, we can empower Native voices in Arizona politic to defend Mark Kelly’s Senate seat; fight for a Democratic Representative in the newly redistricted CD 1; and defend or flip all statewide races, including the governorship. This election is just as consequential as the 2020 General Election to protect our Congressional majority and to fight the extremists in our state. 

Please sign up to get a list of 25 voter addresses and a script to help us reach our voters. 


~There is no meeting for this project. You will receive a list of 25 addresses via email on the Friday you signed up for; look for the subject line “Your postcard addresses”

~If you’d like more than 25 addresses, please register here and then send an email to with your requested quanitity

~Please purchase or print 25 postcards and stamps. Use postcards that are inclusive. Please no issues or campaign slogans/images, and no holidays. 

~Please respond to that email to confirm your receipt of your list.

~A script will be provided. DO NOT add any additional information to the cards. 

~Hand-write the message on every postcard.

~Sign with your first name or initials and do not include any personal contact information.

~Please mail the postcards as soon as you complete them, ideally within a few days of receiving your addresses. We send them on Fridays in the hope you’ll be able to use the weekend for your cards.

Thank you for your commitment to Native and rural voters!