Write AZ-Dems Deliver!

These postcards from Progressive Turnout Project will spread the message “Democrats Deliver!” Biden is only the second Democrat in 70 years to win Arizona. In the final tally, he beat Trump by 10,457 votes, or 0.3 percent of the nearly 3.4 million ballots cast.  Since then the shenanigans have been ongoing with multiple fraudits and the radical right agenda of rescinding LGTBQ rights, banning abortion, and suppressing the vote. We can change this by turning out the Democratic vote. Up for Grabs: One Senator (the good one), a Governor, a Secretary of State, and gaining one seat in each state senate/house to flip the legislature. The media is uninterested in telling people what Democrats deliver. So it’s up to us!

Packets contain 25 postcards, stamps and directions
-Short script!
-Reimbursement is $10 per packet.
-Mail your cards as you finish them, but no later than May 31st. 

Pick-up location:

Littleton (Christine’s house). To pick up in Littleton, please email: Christine@indivisibleacton.org and let her know how many packets (of 25 postcards) you’d like. More detailed pick-up and payment instructions will be given then.

General Directions:

  1. Please print. Many people cannot read cursive.
  2. Decorate or use a highlighter, but please use waterproof ink.
  3. Please DO NOT change the script.

Here’s the exact Script:

Hi [Voter’s First Name],
Our votes delivered funds to support families and small businesses during
COVID. Democrats kept America working and funded roads & bridges.
Vote this year so we can make childcare, education and Rx prices more affordable.
– [Volunteer’s First Name], A Volunteer