Late last year, we did a postcard campaign to WI through Activate America. We were touting the accomplishments of the Dems with the Infrastructure bill. It was a longish script and a bit of a slog.

But you know what? It worked!!!

Last month, there was a minor election in WI  – the type that no one usually pays any attention to, and turnout is always low.  But the turnout among Dem voters was remarkably high! All the work we have collectively done for WI really paid off! Republicans expected a red wave that never materialized. Instead, Dems prevailed in over half the races, which also produced Milwaukee’s first elected Black mayor. 

Also good news is the fact that if these voters turned out for a minor election, they will certainly vote again this November, when the US House and Senate are on the line. With an off-year election, turnout is everything.  And turnout is something we know how to do!  

Thanks to all of you who participated in this WI campaign, and I hope it will encourage others of you to write, write, WRITE! It matters, and it works!!