Write NV – Keep Nevada Blue!

Nevada, a working-class blue state, is turning purple! Many working-class voters feel that Democrats do not listen to their concerns, so they are starting to vote Republican. We must try to stop that drift to the right.

Polls show that climate change is a major concern of many Latinos, who make up almost one-third of Nevada’s adult population. For working-class Latinos, the extreme weather issues may be intensely personal as Nevada’s growing heat waves damage health and livelihoods. And for many Latinos, extreme climate events threaten their home countries. 

Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV), the only Latina Senator, is considered a climate change champion. She is also one of the most vulnerable Democratic Senators to run for re-election in 2022. Your postcards will show Nevadans that a vote for Sen. Cortez Masto is a vote to combat climate change and a vote for the future of Nevada! 

Packets contain 25 postcards, stamps, addresses, and instructions.

-Short script (36 words)

-Reimbursement is $15 per packet.

-Mail your cards within two weeks of receiving them, but no later than June 6

Here’s the exact script (please do not change it):

Dear [voter’s first name],

We all worry that climate change will hurt Nevada’s economy and environment.

Re-elect Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto, a climate champion. She will protect:

  • Nevada’s clean-energy 
  • Our children’s health
  • The planet’s future

[Your first name], volunteer

Pick-up location:

Sudbury (Barbara’s house). Please email Barbara@indivisibleacton.org and let her know how many packets (of 25 postcards) you would like. More detailed pick-up and payment instructions will be given then. 

Thank you for your help with this project!