Donate to MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Updated 7/11/22. Support an Abortion Champion! Governors have key veto powers over Radical Republican Legistlatures. Governor Whitmer’s Democratic primary is August 2nd. Cook Political rates the governor’s race as a toss-up. The MAGAts are stong in Michigan, but Gov. Whitmer has survived kidnapping and recall attempts. She is holding the line against the radical Republican state legislature. We need her veto in Michigan to protect civil rights there. Read more about her campaign here.

Listen to or Read Washington Post’s profile on her “Gretchen Whitmer’s Abortion Fight- from her porch with her daughters.”

Some exerpts:

“It was April of this year, early enough to appear alarmist to some, when she had moved to file a lawsuit seeking to overturn an old abortion ban in Michigan, a law on the books from 1931 that would suddenly become viable again without the protection of Roe. 

“Now, sitting on the porch overlooking the Straits of Mackinac, Whitmer heard the girls consider possibilities that frightened her. Sydney said she wasn’t even sure she wanted to have kids anymore. Sherry said she had changed her mind about the birth control.”

“On a call with a few other governors and health secretary Xavier Becerra, Whitmer said, she told him Biden needed to think through “what it would take” to help Canada set up abortion clinics just across the border. “