Protect North Carolina’s Supreme Court

Why should we care about state Supreme Courts? As we explained in an earlier Letter From the Editors (Unexpected Heroes: Secretaries of State and State Supreme Courts, Feb 2022), state court systems decide on litigation involving important issues such as gerrymandering, voter suppression, and civil rights. The most important are appealed until they reach the state Supreme Court, and most cases cannot go higher to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In 2022 elections, four states (IL, MI, OH, NC) could flip in either direction. The situation in North Carolina is by far the most dire. If we do nothing, North Carolina could turn into another Texas!  

The current, highly polarized North Carolina Supreme Court has a 4-3 Democratic majority. This Democratic-led court has struck down GOP gerrymandering in 2022 and settled important civil rights cases, such as restoring voting rights to tens of thousands of North Carolinians convicted of felonies. 

But in 2022, two of the four Democratic justices on the North Carolina Supreme Court are up for re-election, and loss of either seat will result in a radically conservative GOP majority. If the court is flipped in 2022, expect highly gerrymandered maps that will be in effect in 2024 and an erosion of civil and voting rights in North Carolina. We cannot let this happen!

We can help the two North Carolina Democratic justices get re-elected. An organization, Carolina Forward Action, has been formed to support the re-election of the North Carolina justices. Please donate (Carolina Action Justice Slate) to keep the NC courts blue!