As we have dreaded for months, the radicals on the Supreme Court destroyed 50 years of precedent and for the first time, eliminated a civil right, effectively making 130 million women in red states second class citizens. They have signaled their desire to go further too: Contraceptives, Marriage Equality and Intimate relationships between two consenting adults, all protected by the same right to privacy, are on the chopping block.

What can we do right now? First, take political action. We must fight hard to win two more senate seats this November, in order to thwart Manchin and Sinema from blocking filibuster reform. Then Federal ROE legislation and Judicial reform will be possible. We must continue to fight for state legislatures and Governors to protect civil rights in the states.

Second, we can donate to organizations fighting on the frontline to give women the healthcare they need. Here are some recommendations:

Massachusetts: Recomended by Tami Gouveia: “(These) are links to resources from across the state that you can contribute to so that we can collectively ensure access to abortion care and affirming reproductive services. There are three abortion funds in the state which help with the logistical and financial needs of those seeking an abortion: Eastern Massachusetts Abortion Fund,Abortion Rights Fund of Western Massachusetts, and the Jane Fund of Central Massachusetts. I invite you to donate to these organizations now and in the future to ensure equitable access to life-saving care and resources. Abortion remains legal in Massachusetts, and it is more important than ever that we stand with our local abortion funds and providers.” (Note from Christine- Also keep in mind that we will soon be taking care of many women from other states seeking care.)

Nationwide: The most impactful thing you can do at the moment is to donate money. I know, I know. If that isn’t an option or if you want to do more, organize other people to donate money. The coolest among you will become monthly donors–even of a smaller amount, because it provides a stable cash flow for organizations which are largely volunteer-run. (see full letter here)”

Here’s where it can go (bonus points if you do more than one):

  • Give to local abortion funds in your state who help abortion seekers pay for procedures, made by the Abortion Link Fairy @helmsinki.
  • Give to practical support organizations, who help abortion seekers with travel, childcare,  and other logistical needs.
  • Give to independent clinics, who are not affiliated with Planned Parenthood, but provide 6 in 10 abortions in the U.S., including all abortion care later in pregnancy. Many clinics are struggling to stay open, to relocate, to support their staff and their patients. In states where abortion has been immediately banned, many are working to help scheduled patients travel, here’s one in Alabama.
  • Share good, accurate information so abortion seekers can obtain care:
  • Ineedana.com helps abortion seekers find a verified abortion provider and resources
  • Abortionfinder.org helps abortion seekers find a verified abortion provider and resources
  • Reprolegaldefensefund.org covers bail and funds strong defenses for people who are unjustly targeted by police or prosecutors for self-managing their abortion outside of a clinical setting
  • Onlineabortionresources.org compiles accurate information to help people access an abortion
  • Plancpills.org has information for accessing and using abortion pills
  • reddit.com/r/abortion the r/abortion Reddit is moderated by folks who share good information about accessing care and finding support
  • all-options.org provides unbiased, judgment-free options counseling
  • Linktr.ee/a.bortion linktree with great resources for every community
  • Share This: a cool guide @alisonturkos made with more ideas, options and info
  • Offer to Volunteer at a PSO, Fund, or your local clinic: Recently, someone I am close to volunteered to help a stranger from Texas traveling hundreds of miles away for care. They desperately needed someone local to check them in and out of a clinic. They were traveling alone and the clinic required a companion. It amounted to driving across town twice, not a big lift, but it meant that person could get the care they needed–it was potentially life-changing.

You’ll note that none of our recommendations include giving to well-funded orgs like Planned Parenthood, starting your own thing when these networks exist, fighting with people on the internet, or marching. Our informed advice is to prioritize mutual aid through local organizations.