Update: August 18, 2020. A lot has happened since July 1st. This article from Slate, summarizes it nicely, despite it’s flippant title “Voters Sure Do Seem Upset Roe Was Overturned.” Bottom line: ROE is motivating voters. We need to keep up our good work and see this through to the election on November 8. 82 days to go!

July 1, 2022

The Radical SCOTUS decisions in June 2022 have laid bare the the actual destruction our country is enduring.

 Mark Joseph Stern, writing in Slate, says that “Vast areas of the law, established over the course of decades, [have been] washed away by a court over a few months.” Stern recaps the damage done in the first full term of the Court’s reactionary super-majority:

Consider the issues SCOTUS has resolved this term—the first full term with a 6–3 conservative supermajority. The constitutional right to abortion: gone. States’ ability to limit guns in public: gone. Tribal sovereignty against state intrusion: gone. Effective constraints around separation of church and state: gone. The ban on prayer in public schools: gone. Effective enforcement of Miranda warnings: gone. The ability to sue violent border agents: gone. The Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases at power plants: gone.

And the radical conservatives on SCOTUS have indicated that they aren’t finished. On the chopping block: Contraceptives, Marriage Equality and Decriminalization of Homosexual Sex. Mark Elias sounds the alarm for two Voting Rights cases they will hear in the Fall: “How the Court rules on this issue could shape legislatures’ power in regulating federal elections — and the checks and balances on this power — for years to come.”

Time and Treasure

Can you give your time? Now is the time to try Phone banking or Text Banking. We have an army of postcarders, but we need to support all strategies. Commit to one hour a week, 25 voters a week. It’s up to us to do everything we can.

Do you have leeway in your budget? Now is the time to donate what you can. There is a lot of need, so you can choose the candidate or issue that fits your values.

Want to learn more? Watch Heather Cox Richardson lay out the history of where we are now and sound the alarm for the future of our Democracy. Spoiler: “It’s time to break the glass. This is a constitutional crisis.”