Force Multiplier: US House Challengers

There was a good discussion at the June 26, 2022 Statewide Indivisi-gather about short term vs. long term strategy. At Turn Purple 2 Blue, we have pivoted to a short term strategy for states that give us the most return for our investment in 2022 Federal and Statewide races.

But we can’t abandon Michigan, New Mexico, and Ohio. Here’s an opportunity to invest for the future of these states, while helping our short term goal to hold our majority in the US House. Remember, no House majority = no January 6th hearings or legislation on the issues you care about.

Use the donate button to select the challengers you want to support. Force Multiplier passes the funds directly to the candidate. They have identified these races as possibilites to flip. We’re sharing the Force Multiplier link because they will continue to monitor these races to make sure that funds are going to the candidates who need them. Choose “Custom Amount” to allocate your donation and then, to avoid receiving emails from the candidates, make sure to click “Not Now” when asked if you want to receive emails from the candidates after you make your donation.