Donate to Pro-Choice Champions in Key State Races

Support Sister District’s 7 most critical pro-choice candidates in GA, MI, WI, AZ, NV, and PA with a donation today. With your help, we can get them elected and give them the power to fight for abortion rights in the states. 

As abortion bans sweep through nearly half the country, we are turning our energy to the one thing we know can stop the GOP attack on reproductive rights: getting pro-choice candidates elected to state legislatures. 

Four of our 2022 target states – Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona – have effectively banned abortion, either through trigger laws or esoteric pre-Roe legislation. In Pennsylvania, the right to choose will fall into the hands of the Republican majority unless we act. And Nevada—which has affirmatively protected abortion access—is an essential lifeline to neighboring Arizona. Sister District candidates are already passionately speaking out and calling for action.