Pennsylvania Danger and Opportunity

Pennsylvania, with its 20 electoral votes, is once again in the crosshairs – an absolutely essential state to win! Two midterm races are shaping up to be cliffhangers, and we MUST win both. The PA legislature is radical Republican and intends to take over control of elections in this critically important state. We must stop them with strong Democratic leadership. Here’s how we can turn things around in this important state.

1) The Senate race, to fill retiring Republican Pat Toomey’s seat: This race may be our best chance to flip a Senate seat and keep control of the Senate! This race is rated a toss-up, although polls show Democrat John Fetterman in the lead. We must make sure he wins.

John Fetterman, the present Lt Governor of PA,  is the Democratic nominee. Fetterman is unconventional, popular, and speaks to the people. He is a gun owner but strongly supports gun safety laws. His highly-visible arm tattoos commemorate the lives lost to violence in Braddock PA, where he was mayor for many years. He is also a passionate champion for reproductive freedom NARAL Senate prochoice champions.

Fetterman’s opposition is Dr. Mehmet Oz, the multimillionaire TV celebrity surgeon. Oz supports an extreme abortion ban with no exception for rape or incest. Although Oz was endorsed by Trump, many Republicans are not enthusiastic about him. So the outcome of this election is anything but certain, and we have a strong chance for picking up this Senate seat!

2) The gubernatorial election: All eyes across the country are on the critically important race for Governor of Pennsylvania. The governor not only has veto power but also appoints the state’s highest election official, secretary of commonwealth, who has ultimate power over elections in the state. The Democratic incumbent, Tom Wolf, who has served forcefully as a firewall against radical Republican legislators, is term-limited and cannot run again. It is critical that the governor’s seat is filled by another Democrat.

The Democratic nominee, current PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro, is popular and extremely well-qualified to be governor. He too has been selected by NARAL as a prochoice champion NARAL champion Shapiro. And he is running against one of the most extreme and dangerous GOP candidates in America. Shapiro’s opponent is far-right state senator Doug Mastriano, who has said that a complete abortion ban is his number one priority. Mastriano was personally involved in the Jan 6 insurrection, when he chartered a bus to the US Capitol at his own expense to carry supporters and crossed the barricades himself. Most recently, Mastriano has said that he wants to kick everyone in Pennsylvania off the voter rolls and then decide when or if they should re-register. His positions are so extreme that many moderate Republicans have pledged to support Josh Shapiro. Iit would be so disastrous for PA and for our country if Mastriano wins that we must do everything in our power to defeat him.

3) The toxic Pennsylvania legislature: The statehouse is only 12 seats short of a Democratic majority. It is important to reduce the number of Republicans in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives so they cannot override the governor’s vetoes. Down ballot voting for Democrats also could increase turnout for the two critically important candidates for Senate and Governor of Pennsylvania.

So please follow and donate to these key races in Pennsylvania! They are top priority targets for grassroot activism.