KS-Defeat Abortion Ban

Postcards to Voters is writing to Kansas for a August 2nd Election, asking them to vote no on a constitutional amendement to ban abortion. The amendment vote will be the first referendum in the U.S. pertaining to abortion rights following the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade. Those who vote “yes” support amending the Kansas Constitution to make it clear that women have no right to terminate a pregnancy. Those who vote “no” support a Kansas Supreme Court ruling in 2019 that determined the state constitution’s right to bodily autonomy applies to a woman’s decision to terminate a pregnancy.

Kansas advocacy groups and Democrats are confronting the challenges created by legislators who placed the constitutional amendment on the primary ballot in an attempt to favor passage of the amendment. The primary is otherwise closed to independent voters, and few Democrats typically participate in comparison to Republicans. On-line sites by some counties confuse unaffiliated voters because a check box makes it appear as if they must choose Democrat or Republican to have a ballot mailed to them when, in fact, unaffiliated voters may skip the Party primary ballot and have only the non-partisan ballot mailed to them.

According to the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office, as of April, 44.3% of registered voters in Kansas identify as Republican, 28.8% identify as unaffiliated, 25.7% identify as Democrat, and 1.1% identify as Libertarian.

Here’s part of an email from Ken Grotewiel, a former Kansas state representative from Wichita from 1983 to 1994:

“When the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that our Constitution provided a right to an abortion, I knew a proposed Constitutional amendment would be right around the corner and that I would be voting against it whenever it was on the ballot. I’ll certainly be voting NO on August 2nd.

“What steams me, though, is that Republicans put this proposed amendment on a primary ballot to increase the chance that it will pass. I guess they were afraid it might fail at a general election. Making us vote on this in August is a transparent power play. Might makes right, I guess.

“Let’s turn out in strong enough numbers that the vote on this amendment reflects the will of the people. That’s what democracy should be about. We can make it so by voting in huge numbers. It’s now or never.”

Please take care as you always do to stick to the approved message items. The groups working to defeat the amendment have spent time and money polling different phrases. Sometimes, phrases can have a marked difference in voter reaction. You might think that you know a better way to word something, but you do not have the benefit of their research. Since we are all in this together to defeat the amendment, please use the approved message items below without changing their wording.


  • ASAP: Mail as you go, the election is August 2nd!
  • Packets contain 20 postcards, stamps, and instructions. 
  • Reimbursement is $10 per packet. 

The Actual Script (Don’t change it!)

Dear Important Voter,
You have the power to be a caring hero on Election Day August 2.
Vote NO against the constitutional amendment!
Keep personal health decisions private.
Thank you
your name, Volunteer

You may add one of these optional items:
1. You’re allowed to vote NO even if you’re registerd as unaffiliated to a political party.
2. Make a plan to vote!
3. Voters like you from both parties agree this amendment goes too far.
4. This amendment contains no exceptions for rape, incest, or for the health and life of the pregnant woman
5. Extreme politicians have laws drafted to ban abortions with no exceptions. Vote NO.

Littleton (Christine’s house). Please email Christine@indivisibleacton.org and let her know how many packets (of 20 postcards) you would like. More detailed pick-up and payment instructions will be given then.