Indivisible Mass Coalition Weekend of Action: Boost Your Activism with Turn Purple 2 Blue

Saturday, August 13, 4-5 PM: Christine and Denise will show you how to boost your activism using

Indivisible Mass Coalition Weekend of Action: Make the most of the next 85 days!

Turn Purple 2 Blue is a website built and maintained by Indivisible volunteers who are dedicated to helping you find fun and effective ways to take action and make a concrete difference.

The editors read through the news and expert newsletters. We scour information from our allies for useful actions and perspectives. We create analysis, connections, and experiences that will make worthwhile use of your time. We then put it all in one place for you to find. We can also help you make effective donations.

Join us for a tour of the website! Learn how to sort by state or action type! Find analysis of election happenings all in one place! Wonder what candidates are Abortion Champions?

Our states include: AZ, FL, GA, MI, NC, NH, NV, PA and WI

This is a project of the heart. No income is derived from any links and no volunteer information is collected or sold by this site. Contact for more information. is a project of Indivisible Acton Area.