PA-ProChoice for Matt Cartwright

We’re joining partners MAflipPA and Activate America to write in support of Representative Matt Cartwright. His opponent is Jim Bognet, who is endorsed by Trump and worked in the Trump administration in the Import/Export Bank. Cook Political rates PA-08 as a toss-up. With a slim majority of five, it’s important to hold this seat in the US House. In addition, encouraging turnout for this race will help the races for Governor and Senator.

Writing to Pro Choice leaning Democratic and Independent voters 


  • Mail as you write, but complete by August 31st
  • Packets contain 20 postcards, stamps, and instructions. 
  • The script is on the longer side, hence the smaller packets
  • Reimbursement is $10 per packet. 

The Actual Script (Don’t change or add to it!)

Dear [First name], 

-The Supreme Court has taken away the right to abortion and Republicans are pushing to enact a nationwide ban. 
-Democrat Matt Cartwright agrees with you: we should all have freedom to make decisions about our bodies and lives. 
-Re-elect Cartwright to Congress, a strong advocate for choice in NEPA 

Thanks, [First name] 

Optional: Decorate the banners of the front with “Pro-Choice for Cartwright!”

Littleton (Christine’s house). Please email and let her know how many packets (of 20 postcards) you would like. More detailed pick-up and payment instructions will be given then.