Massachusetts Primary

8/8/2022 by Christine Brown

It’s time to learn about Massachusetts Candidates!  Our primary is September 6, and here in the Bay State, most elected offices are decided IN THE PRIMARY.  Statewide offices are crucial this year as we hold the line against a radical supreme court who, after declaring that women are second class citizens and should not be allowed to exercise bodily autonomy,  is poised to dismantle rights to Contraceptives, Gay Marriage, Interracial Marriage, and Intimate relations with a partner of your choice.  

Please start learning about these candidates and talk to your friends and family members.  Early voting varies, but may start as early as August 20. Did you get your mail-in ballot application yet? If you want to vote by mail, fill it out and send it in. If you don’t get one soon, download this form and return it to your town’s election office.

August 27 is the deadline to register to vote in the Sept 6 primary. Register or update your name or address online here or use this form (print, fill it out, mail it in). (The form says the deadline is 20 days prior to election; the recent VOTES Act changed that to 10 days prior. Needs updating!)

Some issues to keep in mind:

  • How will they protect our abortion rights and women’s travel to our state for healthcare?
  • How will they fight the back room deals, corruption, and sexual harrassment in the old-boys club of our statehouse? (See Elected Bodies in Mass Do Not Reflect State’s Diversity)
  • How will they use all the tools at their disposal to protect voting rights and encourage participation in our government?
  • How will they make sure our climate laws are implemented thoroughly and in a timely manner (unlike Charlie)
  • How will they commit to making our communites healthier and safer?

For those who are still considering who to vote for, you may want to consider the following candidates Progressive Mass has endorsed with its very rigorous endorsement process.


·       Governor: Sonia Chang-Diaz (she already dropped out of the race)

·        Lt. Governor: Tami Gouveia

·        Attorney General: Quentin Palfrey (withdrew from race 8/30/22)

·        Secretary of the Commonwealth: Tanisha Sullivan

·        State Auditor: Chris Dempsey

For Acton and nearby areas,

State Representatives:

·       14th Middlesex: Vivian Birchall

Governor’s Council:

·       District 3: Mara Dolan

Another organization, Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts, also held an endorsement vote, you can see their results here

Act On Mass endorsements are here