Donate to Hillary Scholten

Hillary Scholten is running for the US House in Michigan. Her district (3) is rated a toss up by Cook Political. In 2020 incumbment Rep. Peter Meijer won, but she recieved 47% of the vote. (This is signifigant- she knows how to run a campaign and has good name recognition). Now moderate Republican Meijer has been knocked out by John Gibbs because of his vote to impeach Trump. Endorsed by Trump, Gibbs has a clear track record of wild and conspiratorial comments. The DCCC made a controversal decision to buy ads in support of Gibbs, gambling that he will be easier to beat. According to FiveThirtyEight, redistricting changed the partisan lean of this district from R+9 to D+3.

Please read about her policy stances – from Reproductive Rights to Healthcare to Immigration, Hillary Scholten has the leadership we need in the US House.