DIY Postcards for House Races in Swing States

Help us rally Democrats to vote and defend the Democratic House majority in November!

You’ll need to provide your own postcards and stamps for this program. We recommend progressivepostcards, which sells postcards for less than most online sellers.

We’ll email you a list of voters and instructions, which will include an October mailing date and three message options to choose from:
A) “Thank you for being a voter! Who you vote for is private, but whether you vote is public record. Please vote in the Tues. Nov 8 election!”
B) “Thank you for being a voter! Your friends and family may need your reminder to vote. Please ask them to vote in the Tues. Nov 8 election!” 
C) “Thank you for being a voter! When will you vote in the Tues. Nov. 8 election? Please plan ahead!”