Write for Warnock

Senator Warnock is in a tight battle for the Senate against Hershel Walker. Senator Warnock is the epitomy of grace and class- if you need inspiration, please rewatch his rousing speech for the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. The polls show him tied with retired football player Hershel Walker, who is leaning successfully on a Trump endorsement. Clarence Thomas has also been campaigning for him.

We are partnering with Activate America to write to newly engaged voters (recently registered and/or recently began voting) who are at risk of sitting out the midterm election. We want them to recognize that their vote matters, point out Senator Warnock’s work on ecomonic justice, and ask them to check on their registration status.


  • Mail as you write, but complete by September 20th.
  • Packets contain 25 postcards, stamps, and instructions. 
  • medium script!
  • Reimbursement is $15 per packet. 

The Actual Script (Don’t change or add to it!)

Dear (First Name)

Senator Warnock needs you to vote this fall to help him continue to fight corporate greed.
Early Voting in Georgia starts on October 17th
Visit mvp.SoS.ga.gov to check your voter registration.

Thanks, (your first name), volunteer

Littleton (Christine’s house). Please email Christine@indivisibleacton.org and let her know how many packets (of 25 postcards) you would like. More detailed pick-up and payment instructions will be given then.