Write NC

We’re joining Swing Blue Alliance to write cards for Christy Clark, a Democrat in the swing state of North Carolina. Christy is a small business founder, educator, gun-safety advocate, and parent. She served in the NC House from 2019-2020 and is running to reclaim her seat from a Republican.

Christy is running an amazing campaign powered by an enthuiastic group of local volunteers to want to see her win this time around. Postcarding is an important way to reinforce the face-to-face and door-to-door work Christy’s campaign is doing. It is also a warm personal touch to counter the divisive and misleading mailers the GOP has already started sending.

Votes for Christy are likely to have up-ballot effects, ensuring votes for Democratic US Senate candidate Cheri Beasley at the top of the ticket. The first African American woman to serve as Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court, Cheri Beasley is locked in a tight race for the US Senate seat from NC.


  • Mail as you write, but complete by October 14th.
  • Return the contribution in-kind contribution form in the stamped envelope.
  • Packets contain 25 postcards, address labels, stamps, and instructions. 
  • Very short script!
  • Reimbursement is $15 per packet. 

The Actual Script (Don’t change or add to it!)

Let’s elect a leader who puts people before politics!
Vote Christy Clark by November 8.
/your first name/

Littleton (Christine’s house). Please email Christine@indivisibleacton.org and let her know how many packets (of 25 postcards) you would like. More detailed pick-up and payment instructions will be given then.