Texting Opportunites

                (Updated 9-2022)

What is this document?    

This document presents a matrix chart of active texting organizations with information and important links to help you get started in activist texting for various progressive campaigns (click Here for full document).

What is the purpose and for whom?  

We offer this to people who are new to political texting to help them quickly find texting organizations and campaigns, and get started. We hope this document will also help progressive group leaders to easily find texting options for their members.  

Find the texting organizations and campaigns that are right for you! Whether you are a new texter or an experienced one, this chart contains basic information and important links to help you get started (click Here).

  • Basic information on each texting organization (click Here)
  • Detailed information on each texting organization (click Here)

For New Texters:

We suggest you select a single organization to start with. Then get trained and set up on their tools, and take your new texting skills for a spin! We recommend these texting organizations which are easier for people getting started with texting:

For Experienced Texters and Group Leaders:

  • To send texts with an organization, you can often follow these steps:
  • Sign up for a texting campaign with an organization..  
  • They will often contact you by email, or provide a link to their Slack workspace. 
  • Create or log-in to your Slack account each organization to get information about their campaigns. 
  • There are directions in each organization’s Slack to sign up and learn about their texting platform (such as Spoke, TextOut, ThruText). Then you’re ready to request texts and start texting!

We welcome your feedback as you use this document, so we can continuously improve it for everyone. Please send your comments or suggestions Here

Background:  This document was started and is continuously updated by volunteers in the Indivisible Mass. Coalition Texting Action Team, and other activists. Our goal is to create a shared resource for everyone to easily find information about progressive texting organizations and campaigns in MA  and nationally. We hope to make activist texting easier by providing information and links to assist and inspire progressive texters. We want to build texting capacity by individuals and groups to support democracy in our country.