Why Donate Now?


Q1. Do grassroots donations help now? Recently we spoke with Force Multiplier about this issue, and their response was a resounding YES! As TP2B pointed out in late 2021, “early money” donations lay essential groundwork for a successful year-long campaign. Without early money, campaigns cannot get off the ground, much less win. But “late money” donations made close to the election play an important role as well! 

Now, close to the election, is the time for campaigns to:

✔ Increase candidate name recognition.

✔ Link candidates to positive messages, including reproductive freedom and Democratic legislation successes.

✔ Micro-target messaging to local neighborhoods days before the election.

✔ Fight negative ads aired by the opposition.

The best way to accomplish this is air/digital messaging and canvassing. Both require grassroots donations, since most Democratic candidates are not taking corporate money. And since candidates get lower ad rates than PACs, our donations to Democratic campaigns go further than the flood of ad money from PACs to our opponents. So it’s in our hands, as the grassroots troops!

Q.2. Why did we lose races in 2020?  According to Force Multiplier, the lack of canvassing by Democrats during Covid is widely viewed as a primary cause for widespread congressional losses in 2020. Money poured into Democratic campaigns in 2020 brought many of our candidates to the brink of victory through strategic commercials and micro-targeted flyers. But even these strategies could not overcome the lack of canvassing and face-to-face interactions.  Many of our losses were by razor-thin margins. 

This year we have a better chance of winning. So help push our candidates over the finish line in 2022 with donations and canvassing! If canvassing is not your thing, please consider donating to organizations that canvass to support those important efforts. We have great candidates, but they need our help to win their races. Please help!