More Texting Opportunites

by Debbie Hart-Klein

The following lists a few texting organizations and campaigns with regular texting opportunities to help get out the vote for the midterms.

For a detailed list of texting organizations, including descriptions of the organizations and types of texting they do, please click here. Note, though, that many of these organizations do not have current, ongoing texting. That is why we prepared this short list with a few pointers about each of these opportunities.

Happy texting! If you are aware of other organizations or campaigns with large volumes of ongoing and regular texting, please email Debbie at  and we’ll add to this list.

Movement Labs

Sign up:

Follow the instructions to sign up at a Movement Labs volunteer, and then sign up for their Spoke and Slack

Detailed sign up instructions

ML texts for various organizations. Over the past few months, they texted millions of people for pro choice organizations and millions more for Black Voters Matter to ensure people are registered. Recently, they have had a lot of smaller, miscellaneous campaigns. To learn the current options, check Announcements in Slack when you want to text.

Texting is every day from approx. 9 AM – 9 PM local time, with campaigns announced throughout the day.

They assign 200 outgoing texts each time. Sometimes they are doing replies only, and they assign 20 at a time.


Sign up:

Complete this form (few quiz questions and volunteer agreement):

“Text Every Dem” – pro choice GOTV texting

Also, “Triple Vote” asking people to text 3 friends

Instructions – Text Every Democrat 2022 ROE (; 2022 Polling Place Vote Tripling Volunteer Recruitment (

3,000 assigned at once; can reassign if you want to stop (3-4 minutes to send 1K)

Ex: sent 3k; had 15 replies right away; finished those and had 2 more; and hour later – 4 more; next morning, 3 more

Mon – Fri, 10 am – 10 pm in theory, but times vary

Opt Out is used more liberally, including staunch GOP/trumpster/hateful toward Dems

Only one tag – Non-English

Beto O’Rourke’s Campaign 

Sign up:

Texting Guide –

Request Texts – Beto for Texas Text Request Landing Page – Google Docs

All replies, using Scale to Win system

50 replies assigned at once. When finished, choose to get more or be done for the day

Mostly voter id; some recruitment for events

10 am – 10 pm ET, every day

Opt Out similar to Movement Labs – if they expressly say to opt out, never text again, stop, or similar; or if they are extremely abusive, harassing, etc

A lot of texts are to replies that came in as long as two weeks ago:

Mark “No” and close without sending

Send Yes replies with an apology

Working Families Party

Sign up:

Texting parties Tues (6-8 pm) and Wed (9-11 pm) evenings – WFP Weekly Text Party · Working Families Party (

GA Working Families Party has its own texting parties Tues and Thurs 6-8 pm – sign up at GAWFP Text Parties: Tuesdays and Thursdays · Georgia Working Families Party (

Very thorough Texting Guide / FAQs

Texting for various candidates

Tues – GA, WI, PA, TX (e.g., Stacey Abrams, Mandela Barnes, Raphael Warnock, John Fetterman)

Wed – AZ, NM, OR (House seats)

Zoom shifts – Need to register first time to get an invitation to join Slack and Spoke, review the training materials, pass a quiz, and you can text on your own or on Zoom.

Scale to Win version of Spoke

Batches of 200 


Barnes – High percentage of responses are positive; many standard responses ( a bit confusing); follow up questions

Abrams – same

Lots of canned responses – can be confusing

Option to release your texts when you are done