Twelve House Representatives to Support

Image from Politico

Updated 10/26/22 by Barbara Head
If these poll results keep up, Expect Anything on Election Night,” says Nate Cohn.  After a summer of Democratic gains, the races for the House have been tightening with virtually all polls within the margin of error.  This means that everything hinges on turnout.  No one can predict what will happen. And it may take a few days for the results to become clear.  Stay focused and volunteer.  Canvas, Text, Donate.   Making calls is hard.  Losing Democracy is harder. 

Twelve House Representatives to Support

AK-AL Peltola – incumbent. Alaska’s only U.S. House member, Mary Peltola, is the first Alaskan Native to be elected to Congress. Peltola won the special election in August 2022 for the seat vacated by Don Young’s death. She made headlines for her endorsement by Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski and for defeating the far-right, former presidential candidate Sarah Palin in the special election. Both Peltola and Murkowski are political centrists, proponents of reproductive freedom and opponents of Trump-endorsed MAGA extremists like Palin. Rank-choice voting helped propel Peltola to the win in August. Now she is running again against Sarah Palin and two other candidates. Peltola is a trailblazer and with help, will blow right past Palin.  HOLD. (Lean D).

AZ-01 Jevin Hodge – challenger. Hodge leads Head Start in AZ and stands up for voting rights, public education, and health care access. Incumbent David Schweikert is an election denier who voted to overturn the presidential election after Jan 6, is plagued by ethics scandals, and has initiated homophobic campaigns against other candidates. It’s time to replace bad actor Schweikert. FLIP. (Toss Up)

AZ-02 Tom O’Halleran – incumbent. O’Halleran is a former Republican with a moderate voting record, who focuses on climate change as well as protecting tribal sovereignty and lands, which fall into his district. Challenger Eli Crane is a MAGA extremist, “unflinchingly pro-life… without apology.” Election denier, QAnon devotee. Way too extreme for this (or any other) district.  HOLD (Lean R, but 538 rates race as 50-50, so Toss Up).

CA-22 Rudy Salas – challenger. CA native and experienced assemblymember as well as the first Latino to be elected local city councilor, Salas is challenging incumbent David Valadao. Despite CA-22 being a very blue district, Valadao has co-sponsored a total ban on abortion. Let’s ban Valadao instead.  FLIP (Toss up)

IA-03 Cindy Axne – incumbent. The third Congressional district in IA is nearly evenly split between likely Dem and Republican voters. Axne, a Democrat running for her third term in IA, has strong records in reproductive freedom and gun safety. She has earned championships and endorsements by NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and Gifford’s (a national gun safety organization). Her opponent, Republican state senator Zach Nunn, is only focused on the economy. We need more representatives like Cindy in Congress, but she is vulnerable in such a red state. HOLD (Toss Up).

ME-02 Jared Golden – incumbent. Golden’s opponent is Bruce Poliquin, who was narrowly defeated by Golden in 2018. Both had moderate voting records, which played well in Maine, but Poliquin has since veered sharply to the right, focusing on border security, guns, and spreading disinformation. He has claimed, without evidence, to have talked to a constituent who was living in her car because of competition by illegal immigrants for housing. His lies need to stop. HOLD (Toss Up) 

NH-01 Chris Pappas – incumbent. Pappas, one of two US Reps in the state, has focused his House career on infrastructure, health care and lowering Rx costs. The first openly gay man to represent the state in Congress, Pappas co-chairs the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus. His opponent, Karoline Leavitt, wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act and would have voted to overturn the 2020 election if she were in Congress then. Let’s make sure she never makes it to Congress. HOLD (Toss Up). 

NV-03 Susie Lee – incumbent. Lee is a champion of public education, and is seeking to codify abortion protection. Her opposition, April Becker, lost her election for state Senate in 2020 and promptly set out to void and “redo” the election. She is an election denier who will try to do the same in 2024. Let’s not give her the opportunity. HOLD (Toss Up).

NV-04 Steven Horsford – incumbent. As NV’s first Black Senate Majority leader, Horsford has fought for affordable Rx drugs, jobs, and direct relief to struggling families. Common sense gun safety is personal for him because his father was killed by gun violence. MAGA extremist Sam Peters is an election denier who also wants to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, an intention that we hope will cost him the election. HOLD (Lean Dem).