Find Secretary of State Races

Secretaries of State – are we about to put foxes in charge of the hen house?

Secretaries of State, an overlooked position in past years, have emerged as front line players in the battle for election control. These are the top state officials responsible for overseeing elections. It is downright scary that there are 12 election deniers running for the office. Here are three critically important races for the position:

AZ – Adrian Fontes (Dem) vs Mark Finchem (Rep) – Fontes is experienced and committed to democracy, having been the top election official in Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix. His opponent, state Rep. Mark Finchem, is a denier who believes that elections in some counties have been “irredeemably compromised” and should be rejected. They are currently tied, but Fontes lags in fundraising. 

NV – Cisco Aguilar (Dem) vs Jim Marchant (Rep) –  Aguilar’s seeks to protect voting rights in NV, which has a growing Trump-fueled distrust of elections. Aguilar has broad-based support from unions, police, business groups, reproductive rights and gun safety organizations, even Sierra Club. Jim Marchant, a former NV assemblyman, aspires to be the NV face for Stop the Steal. Marchant even attempted to get his own 2020 congressional seat loss overturned. 

GA – Bee Nguyen (Dem) vs Brad Raffensperger (Rep, incumbent) – Nguyen is a rising star committed to expanding access to the ballot and protecting poll workers. Raffensperger famously refused Trump’s request to “find the votes” to win GA for him in the 2020 election. But Raffensperger is no hero of democracy, he has supported the legislature’s restrictions on voting, including prohibiting people from giving food or water to voters waiting in line for hours.