WI- Special Election

First Opportunity: Wisconsin Supreme Court  

Back story: The toxic Wisconsin legislature has been working hard to find a way to subvert federal elections through their state laws. WI is the most gerrymandered state in the country, so extremist Republican legislators are almost impossible to vote out. Add to that the ultra-conservative state Supreme Court, which recently upheld that the gerrymandered maps should remain. A very worrisome recipe for subversion of the 2024 election.

However, a ray of hope and crack in the door –  the most conservative WI Supreme Court justice is stepping down, triggering a special election. If a liberal is elected to this seat, it will flip the Court! Now if the legislature tries to subvert the 2024 election, the case will certainly go to the state Supreme Court. Would you rather have a liberal or a conservative majority WI Supreme Court hear this case in 2024? So the stakes for this election are high, and the integrity of the 2024 election could hinge on the results.

Project description: These postcards are for registration and turnout, since it is a special election. The primary is in February and the full election is in April. Our postcards are needed to let people know of the election, which most are unaware of, and to let them know that 1) they need to register to VBM again in 2023, and 2) their registration is good for the year. So if people register now, they will be prepared for the special election. This information will also help prepare people in 2024, so that’s a whole lot of bang for the buck!

Project details: Reimbursement is $15 for 25 postcards and stamps. The mailing date is Jan 26. The script is very reasonable – a one-line explanation of the goal and two short lines explaining voting instructions.

How to get them: My box is returning! I will print these on demand, so email me at Christine@IndivisibleActon.org with how many sets of 25 you would like. You will receive detailed pick up and payment instructions then.

Also, I am interested in knowing if people are interested in meeting at a cafe and writing together, perhaps Thursday mornings.  There’s a new cafe near Trader Joe’s in Acton that looks promising.