Knock: NH Special Election


Canvassing in New Hampshire during the midterm elections helped Dems win the Senate and the 2 House seats!

They also came achingly close – but just missed – flipping the NH State House of Representatives, which now stands at 201 Rs vs. 198 Ds. The one empty seat is in Rochester NH, where the election ended in a tie  with 970 votes for each candidate. The special election on February 21st will decide the winner. (See article in the NY Times.)

That’s where you come in. If Democrat Chuck Grassie wins this February 21st election, NH Dems will be within striking distance of flipping the 400 member House when the next 1 or 2 special elections come up, as they almost certainly will.   

You can truly make a difference by canvassing to make sure that every Democrat knows about the election and comes out to vote or gets their absentee ballot. If Dems can gain control of the NH House, they can:

  • Protect a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions
  • Ensure that voter suppression laws that have already been proposed do not pass; and
  • Thwart the ambitions of the far-right Free Staters who among other things would like NH to secede from the Union. 

PLEASE SIGN UP HERE to canvass for Chuck Grassie, the NH Democrat running in this election.  YOU can find basic info on Chuck Grassie HERE and/or videos on Facebook, including a good introduction here and one on clean water here. 

IMPORTANT: The address on the Mobilize page is only correct for this Saturday, the 28th. You will receive the correct address for other dates when you register.

For more information contact the Campaign Director, Julian Sutcliffe, at or her cell: ‭(603) 657-4401‬