Phone WI with Field Team 6

Fridays, 1-3 PM EST

Join Field Team 6 to register Democrats in Wisconsin. Remember Red states aggressively purge their voter rolls- some people may think they are registered but they have been struck off the rolls.

Wisconsin is currently enduring a near-total abortion ban passed in 1849. Its Republican gerrymandering may be the worst in the country. And its voting rights remain under attack. A WI Supreme Court with a liberal majority could fix all of that.

Join Field Team 6 and our amazing partners at The Union in calling eligible voters (and likely Dems) in Wisconsin, to register them to vote for Democrats! Making sure people are registered to vote is the #1 most effective way to make a difference.

All training provided!

Join any time we are making calls. You do not have to join at the beginning of the shift, nor do you have to stay for the whole thing. Just come and make calls when you can!