Pop the Disinformation Bubble

Do you feel like you and those around you are swimming in a soup of disinformation and lies?

Why is this happening? How can anyone believe this stuff? What can you do to help pop the bubble and bring people back to reality?

Join us as we break down:

  • How to identify disinformation
  • Know why it is so common now
  • Really understand how people can believe the lies
  • How to use empathy to break through to them

There is an accompanying handbook that will help you learn about disinformation and the psychology and technology that makes it so common.

You can watch the video, see the slides and get the workbook here

Building Bridges for America

This event is hosted by Building Bridges for America. Building Bridges is an all-volunteer, nationwide group that mobilizes and empowers networks of relational grassroots organizers to support campaigns and causes based in progressive values. Learn more at www.buildingbridgesforamerica.com & give us a follow on FacebookInstagramTwitter & YouTube.