Understanding and Overcoming the Rural Urban Divide

Saturday, March 4, 10:00 AM -12:30 PM

Biden won 91 of the nation’s 100 largest counties in 2020, but hardly anywhere else. Although he won the most raw votes of any candidate in the nation’s history, he won the fewest counties of any presidential winner. The path to defeating extreme MAGA runs through rural America.

Understanding and Overcoming the Rural Urban Divide presents research as well as practical strategies for connecting with rural voters. This workshop, which has been given more than 40 times in many different parts of the country, will be led by Anthony Flaccavento, co-founder and director of the Rural Urban Bridge Initiative (RUBI), a national organization working to resist America’s polarization.


  • The five most important causes of this divide
  • Democratic strategies, policies and messaging as contributing factors
  • The critical importance of rural regions to our politics, economy and ecosystem
  • Practical steps we Democrats can take to begin to overcome the divide

Sponsored by the Franklin County Democratic Committee. Swing Blue is a co-host.