Yes in My Backyard

Tell your legislators to support more homes!

Ask your State Legislators to support housing affordability & Co-Sponsor H.3252/S.2006 this session! We need your state representative and senator to co-sponsor and support key legislation and we’ve launched this letter-writing campaign to help you do just that – we invite you to sign and share.

(H1379/S858) An Act to Promote Yes in My Backyard will increase the production of affordable homes, remove restrictive zoning barriers, and propose innovative solutions for land use in MA. Governor Healey, House Speaker Mariano, Senate President Spilka and elected officials across the Commonwealth have expressed the urgent need to address housing affordability in Massachusetts, specifically through increased production.

Show your legislators that this is a priority for you too, by asking them to co-sponsor this bill. This letter also references AHMA’s vision, which is centered on building the homes we need to house our state’s growing population, stabilizing communities through stronger tenant protections, desegregating our cities and towns, and creating environmentally sustainable communities. Write to your legislators today!

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