Write WI

Join Activate America to write for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court Election on April 4th. We’re offering this campaign in addition to the Swing Blue Alliance Campaign. They’re both good -they target different voters.

Activate America is writing to Democratic and Democratic leaning voters who are pro choice to promote participation in the election. Recent research in WI indicates people prefer messaging that refers specifically to the 1849 abortion ban rather than more generic language on reproductive health. We are also increasing name recognition for Judge Janet Protasiewicz since the ballot will be non-partisan. Please be very careful to spell her name correctly and then underline or highlight it.

Please Mail as you finish and by March 22.

The Script:

Dear [first name of voter], 

The 1849 abortion ban needs to go. 

Vote for Janet Protasiewicz for WI State Supreme Court to restore and protect our freedoms. 

• Voting starts March 21; go to myvote.wi.gov for more info 

• Election day is April 4 

Your neighbors are counting on you!

 Thanks, X Volunteer

Packets cost $15 and contain 25 postcards, stamps, and instructions.

Pick up in Littleton: Email Christine at Christine@IndivisibleActon.org for pick up and payment instructions.