Common Start Lobby Day

Wednesday, March 22 Common Start Lobby Day,

in room 511 B at the Statehouse

10-11 AM Legislative briefing (we are welcome)

11 AM- 1 PM Lobby Day

The bills are: SD.667 (sponsored by Senators Lewis & Moran) and HD.2794 (sponsored by Representatives Madaro & Gordon). The two bills are slightly different but are both entitled An Act Providing Affordable and Accessible High Quality Early Education and Child Care to Promote Child Development and Well-Being and Support the Economy. They would establish the framework necessary to deliver high quality early education and child care as a public good. They would make services affordable for many more families and support providers in delivering high quality services with better pay and benefits for early educators (who are now, on average, very poorly paid). Funding would be implemented over a number of years. You can read more about the bills at the Common Start website here