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For an overview of recent developments on this front and suggested actions, read this blog by team member Anita Saville of Concord Indivisible.

Battle over Medication Abortion Heats Up
As a followup to Walgreen’s confusing announcements about where it will dispense Mifepristone for medication abortions, Gov. Healey has joined multiple Democratic governors to demand clarity from Walgreens and other large pharmacy chains. Read their letter HERE.

Meanwhile, the U.S. District Court in Texas held a high-stakes hearing Wednesday on whether to overrule FDA approval of this highly safe, low-cost drug. Also in Texas, the ex-husband of a woman who had a medication abortion is suing her friends for helping her obtain the drug under the state’s wrongful death statute — opening the door to possible criminal charges that could carry life sentences in prison.

Losing this battle would mean that medication abortions — which now account for more than half of all abortions nationwide — would no longer be available to pregnant persons in both blue states and red.

The Team has an excellent  Life in Post Roe America Toolkit here .