Elect VanValkenburg for VA State Senate

Sister District has announced their first candidate of 2023: Schuyler VanValkenburg, challenger for Virginia State Senate District 16! We must protect the Virginia Senate from falling into Republican hands this year, and this seat is absolutely critical in doing so.  If you already know the importance of protecting the Virginia State Senate this year, help us kick off Schuyler’s campaign with a donation of $20.23! Or, read on to learn more about this election.
MEET SCHUYLER VANVALKENBURG Schuyler VanValkenburg is a father, teacher, Delegate, and candidate for State Senate. He teaches History and US Government at Glen Allen High, and has served in the House of Delegates for the past six years.As the foremost education expert in the House of Delegates, Schuyler has worked tirelessly to ensure that Virginia remains a leader in public education. He’s also worked to pass common-sense gun safety legislation, protect reproductive freedom, expand access to affordable, high-quality healthcare, and increase access to the ballot box. Just think what he could do in the Senate!
WHY IS THIS RACE IMPORTANT?This district is a “make-or-break” seat to retain control in the Virginia State Senate (currently 22D-18R). The GOP controls the Governorship and the State House; in order to prevent Virginia from becoming the next Florida or Tennessee, passing harmful and discriminatory legislation, we *must* stop conservatives from gaining a Senate majority. Further, flipping the 16th Senate District blue would remove a dangerously conservative, anti-women Republican from office.
WHAT CAN YOU  DO RIGHT NOW? Invest in Schuyler! Your donation will help Schuyler hire top talent and build a winning campaign. GOP candidates are often funded by just a few big donors, so let’s show him some grassroots love! Sign up for a virtual phonebank! Join us on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and/or the occasional Saturday, and help us get the word out to VA voters.