Write CA- Voters under age 36

Activate America is excited to launch our FIRST Congressional postcard campaign for the 2024 election. We’re writing to voters under age 36 in the district held by Republican Congressmen John Duarte (CA-13).

We are writing to Democratic and Democratic leaning voters who did not vote in 2022, most of whom did not vote in 2020, and are 18 – 35 years old. We are pointing out what Democrats are supporting, while their Republican member of Congress voted for a Republican bill that includes blocking student debt relief and rolling back environmental protections. Republican Congressman John Duarte won this seat in 2022 by less than 600 votes – let’s flip it blue in 2024!

Mailing date is three weeks after you receive your packet.


Dear [first name of voter], 

The Democrats’ proposed budget reduces student debt and fights climate change. Your Congressman, Republican John Duarte, just voted to block student debt relief and roll back environmental protections. 

Please vote in every election – your neighbors are counting on you! 

Thanks, [Your first name], Volunteer

If you have space you can also add the optional phrase below: 

• When Democrats govern, things get better. 

Packets cost $15 and contain 25 postcards, stamps, and instructions.

Pick up in Littleton: Email Christine at Christine@IndivisibleActon.org for pick up and payment instructions