Movement Labs Social Media Team

Orientation: Wednesdays, 7:00 – 7:30 PM

Ready to start using Social Media – to do GREAT things?

Join our rapidly growing team of people who are working to

  • Silence disinformation
  • Amplify Democratic messaging
  • Build a strong Democratic community
  • Save Democracy – one tap at a time

Learn at your own pace. Take action on your own schedule. Most teammate actions take less than five minutes to complete.

Get started with the team by signing up ONCE for this training and onboarding, THEN sign up for our biweekly Huddles for ongoing support and discussion (attendance not mandatory, but welcomed!)

Over time, teammates will develop invaluable digital and social media skills that will help them leverage the power of social media for Democrats!

You will need a Facebook account and we will be using the Empower Organizing App, which can be downloaded here: