UnRepresentative Spotlight: CA 45

Indivisible’s Unrepresentatives campaign is based on a simple premise: There are 18 House Republicans serving in districts that Biden won in 2020. These Republicans are extraordinarily vulnerable because most of them got elected pretending to be moderates, but once they got to Congress they immediately started siding with MAGA extremists like Marjorie Taylor Greene.

But unlike MTG, these 18 Reps aren’t in the news every day. They want to fly under the radar, because they don’t want their constituents knowing they’re capitulating to far-right donors instead of doing what’s good for working families in their districts.

To defeat them, we need to expose their MAGA complicity and make them famous for their extremism. That’s why we’re kicking off a new series putting the spotlight on each of the Unrepresentative 18, starting with Representative Michelle Steel.

From voting to cut Medicaid, funding for schools, and veterans benefits1 to opposing the creation of the January 6th commission,2 Steel has consistently sided with MAGA Republicans and her corporate donors over the interests of her constituents. 

Just last year, voters in CA-45 supported a ballot measure enshrining abortion rights in California’s state constitution. In direct contrast, Steel cosponsored a bill that would ban abortion nationwide — even overriding state-level protections like the ones her own constituents voted for.3

Steel is equally out of touch when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights. In a meeting with Tea Party Republicans in her district, she was caught on video saying she withdrew her daughter from college after learning she supports marriage equality, implying that her daughter was brainwashed.4

But Steel’s extremism makes her vulnerable. Democrats outnumber Republicans in CA-45 and Joe Biden won her district by a wide margin in 2020.5 We have a real chance of flipping this seat but it’s going to take a massive accountability and outreach campaign to show voters in CA-45 just how extreme their Unrepresentative is. That means demonstrations, ads, billboards, radio spots, and even flyovers — and we’re counting on grassroots donors to help fund it, so please click here to pitch in to hold Steel accountable for her extremism and defeat her in 2024.

Most of Steel’s constituents don’t know her voting record or the statements she makes behind closed doors. It’s up to us to hold her accountable, and Indivisibles in her district are already getting to work.


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