Force Mulitipler Ohio Fund (Tax-Deductible)

Force Multiplier raises money for Voter Empowerment Groups who work across the country to ensure that all Americans


Ohio Women’s Alliance  An abortion rights ballot initiative this November presents an important opportunity to register + mobilize voters. OHA is the lead statewide group doing signature collection + organizing around this issue. They have a goal of 400,000 voter contacts by phone, text, digital: site-based + in-person canvassing.

Ohio Student Association organizes youth around issues that affect their lives like educational funding, LGBTQ rights + abortion rights. Their goals in 2023 are to support the abortion rights initiative, defeat bills attacking LGBTQ youth + advocate for college + county veteran IDs for voting. They plan to collect 5,000 signatures + turn out the youth vote for the reproductive freedom ballot initiative.

“OSA isn’t about speaking for young people— it’s about empowering young people with the tools to not only speak for themselves, but to organize their communities and build power to win the future we all deserve. “
Rachael Collyer, Program Director

Both groups are 501c3s and your contributions are tax deductible. “Early Donations” are so important to these groups – don’t wait- they are doing the important work now!