Spotlight on Montana

Holding the Senate Majority is crucial to protecting and expanding our legislative agenda.  Having the Senate Majority gives us important powers:  the power to set the Senate rules, chair the committees, confirm judges at all levels, and confirm cabinet members. These are powers we must have, especially if we do not regain the US House in 2024. Our Senate majority for 2024 depends on re-electing Senator Jon Tester from rural Montana. 

Jon Tester most recently won re-election in 2018 in a state that voted for President Donald Trump by more than 20 points. Tester, who described himself as a moderate in a post-election interview with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, said he won by localizing the race and discussing the cost of healthcare, access to public lands, veterans, and the cost of higher education.[1]

Senator Tester votes 91% of the time with President Biden.  Republicans have already put him on their target list.  We need to protect and lift him up.  Supporting GenZ and rural grassroot groups in Montana is a great way to do that.  

Force Multiplier has identified two strong groups to support:  The Forward Montana Foundation and the Western Native Voice Education Project.  Both these funds are 501c3s and your contributions are tax deductible.  Their outreach to register voters needs early money to be successful.  

Forward Montana Foundation works to build political power in Montana’s young people. They focus on leadership development, voter education + registration (including pre-registration of 17 year-olds), issues advocacy, voter turnout. They do year-round registration using community events like music festivals to activate young voters. Largely urban, they also conduct a campus tour that includes rural tribal colleges. Their goal for this election cycle is to register 8,000 voters. 

Western Native Voice Education Project  Montana’s Native population is about 9%, evenly divided between tribal and urban areas. WNV is active on all eight Montana Indian reservations as well as major urban centers. Their focus is on promoting access to voter registration kiosks and on outreach to youth, especially those turning 18. Their goal is to register 1,000 voters this year.  Please note that only donations to the education project of the Western Native Voice group are tax-deductible.  You can find their other programs here.

You can also donate directly to Senator Tester.  The Senator is proud to be a “7 fingered dirt farmer.”  He understands his constituents and will fight for them.  We need to make sure he can get his message out over GOP disinformation.  Since his last election, there have been more Republicans moving to Montana, and the race is considered a toss-up.

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