Write AZ-Gun Safety-Ruben Gallego

We are joining Activate America’s postcard campaigns If you don’t have time to write postcards this month, please consider donating your $15 to Indivisible’s UnRepresentative Campaign.


We are writing to voters who are registered Democrats who did not vote in November 2022. The list was also screened to focus on voters scored as open to a gun safety message. We consulted with Newtown Action Alliance and Everytown for Gun Safety to develop this postcard script and are continuing to work with them to focus on gun safety as part of our strategy for the 2024 election. 

Deadline: Please mail your postcards as you complete them and within 3 weeks of receiving your list of addresses. 


Dear [first name of voter], 

Gun violence is the #1 killer of children and teens in the US. You can do something about it. Let’s elect Democrat Ruben Gallego to the US Senate in 2024. He will champion common sense gun safety laws and protect our kids. 

Thank you, [Your first name], Volunteer 

Packets are $15 for 25 cards, stamps, and addresses. Please email Christine@IndivisibleActon.org for pick up and payment instructions.