Vote Forward Letters to VA

Vote Forward is an organization dedicated to increasing voter turn out in a non partisan fashion. They currently are testing issue campaigns, where you tailor your personal note on a certain issue. You can also choose a traditional voter turnout campaign. (messaging guidelines are here)

After you choose the campaign you like, simply print the template letter, and add a handwritten sentence or two. You provide your own envelopes and first class stamps. You can use the same message on every letter within a campaign. It’s easy to sign up for an account which allows you to adopt voters and mark them as done. These letters don’t lend themselves to our postcard distribution system, but they would be a great project for individuals looking to contribute with non-partisan messaging. It’s easy to do a few at time. We love their Virginia Turnout campaign, which is concentrating on younger voters!

Virginia Turnout 2023

Send as soon as Sun, Oct 1 (in 48 days) but no later than Tue, Oct 31 (in 78 days)

Overview: Write letters to turn out young voters in Virginia before the November 7 state legislative elections

Background: Every seat in the Virginia state legislature is up for election this year under newly drawn maps. Young voters have historically participated in elections at lower rates, so we’re encouraging young voters in Virginia to cast their ballots and make sure their voices are heard.

Targeting: Fellow citizens who have historically been underrepresented in the electorate.

Goal: This campaign seeks to increase voter turnout.

Materials needed:

1. 8 1/2 x 11 paper
2. Blue pen, please print!
3. #10 envelopes
4. First class stamps
5. Computer with printer