Write VA-It’s a Win-Win!

We’re excited to offer Swing Blue Alliance Postcards for Virginia. The goals:
1. Win the State Senate
2. Win Rural Voters
3. Win Women Voters
4. Win GenZ Voters
5. Bonus: Help Research the Efficacy of Postcarding

Currently Democrats have a narrow majority in the State Senate. We can’t take it for granted though – it’s the only brake on radical republicans led by Gov. Youngkin. Since all seats come up for election at the same time, it’s really important to work on the state legislature.

Rural voters hold under-recognized power to influence the outcome of elections for US Senate and the Electoral College. One of the  important ways we can help our democracy get on track is to take back state legislatures by driving up rural voter participation.

Swing Blue Alliance will be supporting 3 candidates in rural state legislative districts (Jade Harris for the VA State Senate and Esther Nizer and Mary Person for the VA House of Delegates) The VA Democratic Party has a diverse slate of rural candidates that reflect a dedication to service and community. These candidates are not only delivering an important message but also listening to the stories of their neighbors, the exact work that transforms how Democrats are perceived. Let’s help build the Democratic base and pipeline for future races.

Our experiment will measure whether postcards increase rural voter participation and help rural candidates get more votes. In addition to comparing the difference in turnout between individuals who receive the cards and those who don’t,  we will examine the percentage of votes cast for the Democratic candidate by precinct in order to measure the card’s effect on vote share.

First up: Jade Harris for State Senate. Jade Harris, a 2020 college graduate, is a lifelong resident of the Shenandoah Valley. Her enslaved ancestors lived just miles from her home in Glasglow, Virginia. She was a teen community volunteer, and learned early that making change meant having people trust you. She was elected to the City Council, and was her town’s first Vice Mayor. Her race in this newly defined 3rd District has brought her to the cities she will represent. As a rural woman, she has embraced talking about the “urban/rural divide” and finding common needs among residents. Drug addiction has not been limited to either demographic, and is one of her areas of focus.