Write PA-Register Voters

We’re joining MA Flips PA and Field Team 6 to register voters in rural Schuylkill County in Pennsylvania. We are writing to likely Democrats to encourage them to register by 10/23 for the November 7, 2023 election. (And a very important Presidential and Senate election in 2024.) This year, we have an important seat on the State Supreme Court up for relection, after the death of former Chief Justice Max Baer.

This year’s race will not change partisan control of the court, which currently has a 4-2 majority of judges elected as Democrats. However, since all four incumbent Democratic justices will either face retention or reach their mandatory retirement age by 2027, Republicans could in theory very quickly take back control of the court and hold it through 2030, giving them control of the redistricting process,” said Democratic political operative J.J. Abbott. Justices serve 10-year terms with no term limits. However, they must retire at age 75. You can read more about Judge Daniel McCaffery here.

Mail your cards as you write, finish by Oct 15th.

Here’s the script to handprint on your cards:

Dear [First Name],

A strong economy should benefit all of us. But Trump Republicans want to give money to the rich and end Medicare and Social Security. Fight back! Register at Voterizer.org and vote for Democrats who have slowed inflation, created jobs and reduced healthcare costs!

Thank you!

[First Name], volunteer

Mail your cards as you write, finish by Oct 15th.
-Packet of 25 cards, stamps and instruction is $15
-Email Christine@IndivisibleActon.org for pickup and payment instructions.