Tell the Governor to sign No-Cost Calls Legislation into law!

Update 11/20/23: Success!

Free calls from prison are now the law

Mass. is the first state in New England and the fifth state in the U.S. to make prison and jail calls free. Gov. Healey signed the bill into law last Wednesday, a “victory” for those who have wanted to lessen the burden on prisoners communicating for years, writes GBH’s Sarah Betancourt. The law will go into effect Dec. 1. and includes free video calls and emails along with phone usage. — GBH (Thank you MASSterlist for the summary)

Currently, for-profit private companies are given lucrative contracts to provide phone service in MA prisons and jails. These companies charge the incarcerated and their families exorbitant rates to make these phone calls. 

It is critical for the incarcerated to stay in touch with their families and maintain connections with the outside world to support their mental health. It is wrong to overcharge the incarcerated and their families, many of whom struggle to make ends meet. 

It takes about two minutes to click through to the template below and send an email to the Governor.  If you want to add a personal reflection at the top, you can.  Or just send it as-is.