Swing Blue Alliance 2023 Postcard Recap

Tuesday, November 28, 7-8:00 PM by zoom. TurnPurple2Blue participated in many of these campaigns! SBA is notable for their deep dives into the effectiveness of their campaigns – looking forward to this one!

For an “off off” year, 2023 was pretty jam packed! SBA postcard hosts participated in 8 critical campaigns – four VA legislative races, a Mecklenburg County Commissioner race, the WI Supreme Court race and the OH August No on 1 campaign to clear the path for the November abortion referendum.

Join the SBA mail team and other postcard hosts/distributors to share our stories from 2023 – what worked, what could be improved, and what you would like to see for 2024.

Please invite any members of your team that might like to be hosts in 2024 or would just like to learn more about SBA mail programs. Maybe we can inspire some of them to become hosts!!