Force Multiplier: State Parties in AZ, NC and WI

November, 2023. I attended a very inspiring presentation through Force Multiplier (FM). FM is a very respected group that excels in identifying valuable candidates and groups where your donations can really make a difference. This presentation was entitled “Turning Out the Base: Effective State Parties at Work.”

Speakers: Ben Wikler of WisDems, Anderson Clayton of NCDems, and Yolanda Bejarano of AZ Dems

When they’re effective, State Parties are the only entity positioned to retain, analyze and refine voter data from one election cycle to the next, and identify and mobilize the Democratic base statewide in a coordinated manner. This is necessary and complements the great work of our grassroots groups to mobilize local, targeted constituencies of inconsistent voters. A winning combination!

The Wisconsin Democratic Party (WisDems), led by Chair Ben Wikler, is credited with turning the seminal battleground state of Wisconsin from Red to Blueish Purple. Now other State Party Chairs are following their lead. Chairs Clayton Anderson (NC) and Yolanda Bejarano (AZ) were each elected in 2023 and are at earlier and different stages of transforming their State Parties into winning operations. Let’s hear and support their plans!

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